SWIPEER™ 2 In 1 Phone Screen Cleaner
SWIPEER™ 2 In 1 Phone Screen Cleaner
SWIPEER™ 2 In 1 Phone Screen Cleaner
SWIPEER™ 2 In 1 Phone Screen Cleaner

SWIPEER™ 2 In 1 Phone Screen Cleaner

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Time to stop your screen from GETTING DIRTIER & BLURRY!

Sanitize any device in seconds with a pocket-size tool 2-in-1 Phone Screen Cleaner is a screen cleansing spray integrated with the microfiber cloth case. Just clean & wipe with ONE SINGLE PRODUCT!

Keep your and your kids' devices germ-free, and the visibility of any screen always at the top! Watch your movies crystal clear, like when your laptop and phone were new.

Why is SWIPEER better than common alcohol-based sanitizers?

Common alcohol sanitizers are indeed effective disinfectants but, they also damage screens oleophobic coatings and, over time, may dissolve the thin layer of industrial glue used to keep the screen attached and sealed to the phone body (bye-bye waterproofness 😢)

What makes SWIPEER a solid choice when it comes to cleaning your phone is the cleaning/sanitizing liquid and the microfiber cloth SWIPEER uses. Both are designed to be gentle on screens and on other sensitive parts of phones and electronic devices while keeping them germ-free.


  • INTEGRATED SPRAY AND WIPE DESIGN: Clean The Shell is both a bottle of detergent and a rag. As long as have it, you can keep the screen clean.
  • WASHABLE AND CLEAN SHELL: Fiber flannel, can be washed repeatedly, does not fade, no shed hair.
  • PORTABLE: It can be stored anywhere for quick use-your wallet, car, backpack-unlimited possibilities.
  • REUSE: Wash directly with clean water, which can be used repeatedly.
  • SAFETY ON ALL SCREENS: Although optimized for the size of mobile phones and tablets, it still works perfectly on any screen (eg computer or TV).