Phonograph Warming Coaster
Phonograph Warming Coaster
Phonograph Warming Coaster
Phonograph Warming Coaster
Phonograph Warming Coaster

Phonograph Warming Coaster

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How does a warm cup of your favorite beverage sound? Music to your ears? Then you'll be absolutely delighted with this warming coaster inspired by the retro charm of a phonograph!

With 3 different heat settings and an automatic shutdown timer, this warming coaster is a tune you can definitely dance to.

* For best results, we recommend using a ceramic flat-bottom mug to maximize heat conduction from the base to the vessel. Do note that our warming coasters are not designed to heat liquids to boiling point. Rather, they are meant to heat up liquids and help maintain a warm temperature.

Phonograph Inspired Retro Design

The iconic phonograph is a symbol of a different time gone by when listening to music on the iPod wasn't a thing yet.

While our Phonograph Warming Coaster can't play any music, it can turn the heat up.

Retro Colors

The Phonograph comes in 5 charming colors; Green, Maroon, Purple, Pink, and Navy.

Smooth Body

Unlike the boxy, sharp-cornered wooden bodies of yesteryear's phonographs, we chose a lightweight plastic body with smoothened edges for the Phonograph of today.

After all, the music should be smooth!

Pair with a Personal Mug

Like the many genres of music, the surface of this warming coaster allows for mugs of any shape and size for heating.

Hot and Warm

Keen to explore new temperatures? Or simply content to stay at your optimal sipping flavor?

The Phonograph is well able to heat drinks from room temperature or maintain the perfect drinking temperature all day.

Non-Slip Base

The coaster base is fitted with rubberized grips for added stability.

Digital Temperature Display

The warming coaster comes with a digital monitor to display the coaster’s current temperature setting for easy adjustment.

3-Heat Settings

The Phonograph comes with 3 heat settings of 40°c, 55°c, and 70°c for targeted temperature control.

4 Time Settings

With an automatic 2-8 hour shutdown timer, the Phonograph allows you to set the duration of heating you desire.