Electric Head Massager
Electric Head Massager
Electric Head Massager
Electric Head Massager

Electric Head Massager

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Let Stress Melt Away & Enjoy A Relaxing Scalp Massage Anytime, Anywhere!

Our handheld wireless scalp massager provides deep tissue kneading and relaxes your mind and body.

Equipped with four rubber massaging hands, Electric Head Massager has bi-directional rotation to provide an all-around calming effect. It gently massages all the occupants to release the entire day’s tension and provides you with therapeutic benefits.

Relaxation anywhere, anytime!

Electric Head Massager is completely waterproof so you can use it easily on a wet head or while taking a relaxing bath. It has a very straightforward operation that requires just one button to be pressed for all the functions. So now, adjust the speed and pressure of the massager on your scalp according to your needs.

The massager comes with a resting base that is used to keep the device when not in use. Now unwind and knead away stress with Electric Head Massager.


Get a Full-Body Massage: Electric Head Massager can also be used to get a full-body rejuvenation. You can also use the device to massage your shoulder, neck, back, arms, and legs too. This will also be an ideal device to soothe your fur buddies and relax them out.

Rechargeable Battery: The wireless scalp massage is equipped with a powerful inbuilt rechargeable battery that makes it more convenient to operate. Just plug in the USB to an adapter, to the laptop or power bank in order to juice it up. It will run for 90 minutes at a stretch before you feel the need to put it down for recharging.

Quiet Operation: Unlike other messaging devices, Electric Head Massager emits a very low sound that indicates the messager is on. This, however, will not disturb the sleep of children or other people around you.

Compact and Conveyable: Electric Head Massager has a very sturdy construction yet extremely lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy to lift up to your head. Its compact design allows you to use it anywhere and get a massage on the go. It can be easily stored in a backpack or handbag or can be kept in the drawer of your office and you can get a massage whenever you feel stressed out.

Premium Quality Material: Made from premium grade ABS and Silica Gel, Electric Head Massager is extremely strong and durable to resist longer durations of work. It has a powerful motor that will keep the device working for a long time.