Licks™ Cat Treat [4 Pack]
Licks™ Cat Treat [4 Pack]
Licks™ Cat Treat [4 Pack]
Licks™ Cat Treat [4 Pack]
Licks™ Cat Treat [4 Pack]
Licks™ Cat Treat [4 Pack]

Licks™ Cat Treat [4 Pack]

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Cats can get stressed from just about anything, even if your cat isn't stressed, cats always benefit from an improvement in their mood. With our Energy Ball, your cat can relieve their stress and improve their mood on demand without the mess of traditional catnip.

Cat Nutrition Energy Ball can help a lot to relieve the stress and improve the mood of your cat.


 ✔️Healthy nutritious Ingredients that contain fish and catnip with vitamins.

 ✔️By licking the catnip, your Cat feels more thirsty and drinks a sufficient amount of water that keeps it hydrated.

 ✔️There is a transparent protective cover for storage when your cat stops licking. 

✔️The bottom sticker makes it easy to put the catnip at any place, such as floor, wall, window, or cat nest.

 ✔️This energy ball can also help improve the cat's urinary system.

 ✔️Nutritious and harmless to your cats.


  • IMPROVED DIGESTION AND APPETITE: Catnip can help the cat to spit out the intestinal hair that improves the digestive system. Since it improves the cat’s activity level which ultimately makes the cat hungry.
  • MULTI FLAVORED CAT LICK BALL: It has two flavors that your cat is definitely going to like these are fish and catnip, which are healthy for your cat and helps to keep the teeth clean.
  • RELIEVES STRESS, ANXIETY & BOREDOM: Reduces anxiety, depression, stress, and improves overall health.


Have some fun together with your cat during its snack time. You can also stick Kitty Chups to any place around your house. It'll be the most useful treat your cat has ever had for sure!


Nutritional ingredients: Cats treat candy balls rich in nutrients, such as trace elements and natural catmint, giving your cat more energy. It is a very nutritious and suitable candy energy supplement for cats.

Fixed Base and Easy to Feed: The bottom sticker is very convenient for putting candy in any interesting place, such as a cat's nest, wall, floor, or other places to facilitate cat consumption.

Help Drink More Water: Cats can increase the amount of drinking water and promote food digestion by licking sugar, which is beneficial to the urinary system. Let the cat grow up healthy and happy.

Snacks Candy: This candy is a nutritious snack for pet cats and cats. Your cat will like this interesting snack and the irresistible taste. It is equipped with a plastic cover to prevent cats from becoming addicted to them without eating cat food.

Easy to Control and Store: The Healthy Cat Treats Sugar Ball comes with a plastic cover. You could decide when your cat can lick it, and keep the sugar clean. When the cat stops licking, there is a transparent protective cover for storage.