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Do you love exercising or sleeping to your favorite music? Do you find sleeping with normal earphones uncomfortable and affects the quality of the music?

With the Anti-Noise Sleeping Headphone, going to sleep has been made so easy with a little help from your favorite music.

It can also be accompanied by easy sleep music, cleverly added Music Earphone Function, and you can listen while you sleep. The music Relieves your day's Fatigue and Prevents Insomnia from improving sleep quality, which is unique in this sleep headset.

Our Headphones are a popular solution for many to block out or mask disruptive noises – a snoring partner, neighbors, traffic, a barking dog.


✔️ BUILT FOR COMFORT: It is designed for you to wear comfortably throughout the night, no matter how your position is. It lets you sleep without being disturbed. It is elastic and it fits all sizes.
✔️ NATURAL SNOOZE SUPPORT: The Anti-Noise Sleeping Headphone Headband allows you to enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more while keeping your head warm at the same time. It also aids you to sleep faster, stay asleep longer in a natural way and without using drugs.
✔️ PERFECT OUTDOOR ACCESSORY: Take your sleep earphones with you anywhere. You can use it as an eye mask. This is perfect during walking, yoga, running, jogging, workout, skiing, etc.
✔️ CONVENIENT AND WASHABLE: Remove electronics and your sleep earphones are ready to be washed. It is also convenient to carry anywhere you go.
✔️ WAKE UP REFRESHED: Makes you fall asleep faster, stay asleep better and wake up refreshed.
✔️ NOISE REDUCTION: Reduce noise, conversations, traffic sounds, and snoring.
✔️ STRESS-RELIEVER: It lessens your stress and suppresses noise while you listen to your favorite tunes, soothing meditation sounds, radio, sleep-enhancing rhythms, audiobooks or any other preferred music.